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Eyeglobal compromises of highly qualified professional human resource consultants who have extensive experience of practicing in the field of human resources as line managers. Our advantage is our talent pool, professional commitment and collective knowledge base acquired through intensive training in HR and Quality. This ensures a healthy combination for client organizations in their improvement efforts through one agency. In addition to this internal talent, we have developed strategic partnerships with other companies and individuals to provide additional specialized services in various other aspects of human resources management. For each project, we assemble an experienced team of consultants based on our client's unique business needs.

Our strategic foresight and project implementation skills enable us to assist employers in meeting their core business goals by assisting in the completion of projects within established deadlines. As professional consultants, our job is to study, coach, provide adviceand facilitate the desired change within organizations.

In the new era of shared services, outsourcing, and employee self-service, many human resource departments are seeking to reinvent themselves and play a more strategic role in the leadership of the company. We will help to bring the human resources department into alignment with its internal customers by ensuring that it is organized effectively and using benchmarks and best practices to ensure that staffing and skill levels are appropriate for the services provided by the company.

We help organizations to build innovative systems to create their own equity that will enhance the pull factor in attracting talent. We are a Human Resource Consultancy specializing in Manpower recruitment (permanent/contract/temporary), Executive Search, Organizational & Compensation Structuring, Designing Reward & Recognition programs, Training, and Consulting for HR systems and processes.