Our Services

In the past decade Eyeglobal has been an effective bridge between Employers and Employees. Our success banks on some simple methodologies. We listen, understand and feel the requirement and urgency of both, employers as well as job seekers.
In this current trend where the company/client want to take minimal headache of recruiting certain categories of manpower on their roles rather preferring to outsource people on third party vendor rolls.
We have the most extensive reach across the Indian market for executive and non executive roles in both the public and private sector and are experienced in executive recruitment in sectors as diverse as financial services, IT, retail, healthcare, etc.
We undertake vendor data management services, product and catalogue design and maintenance, sales data management, customer loyalty program management and tracking, backend commercial data processing.
Understandably, punctual payment of salaries plays an important role in keeping up staff morale. It is also essential to maintain harmonious equation with the employees.Payment of salaries should normally be a simple task. 
We design and develop training options which are exclusively tailored to meet specific needs of your organization.