Contract Staffing/Temp Staffing Services

With growing just-in-time need for on-demand skills and specialists for shorter duration and project-based requirements, Employers need the flexibility that Temporary or Contract Staffing provides. We understand the challenges, the requirements, the employee-side, the anxieties and the dynamics of Temporary Staffing. The main objective of our Services in this area would be to

    Offer a hard-to-beat Turnaround Time, up to onboarding

    Offer premium skills on Staffing

    Balance the interests of the Employer and subcontractor

    Offer flexible pricing models

    Create virtual benches in anticipation of projects

    Free the Employer/ Project Team to focus on the delivery deadlines

    Offer services across a wide spectrum of skill set


    What People Are Saying

    Stellar consultancy, offering freshers a golden opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills. Consultants exhibit remarkable friendliness and are dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere, ensuring every individual thrives.

    Adah Shan

    Remarkable consultancy, serving as a prime learning ground for freshers to acquire essential experience. Consultants go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment, providing invaluable mentorship and support to all.


    Bloom Co.

    Exceptional consultancy, providing an invaluable platform for freshers to gain unparalleled learning experiences. Consultants foster a nurturing environment, offering unwavering support and guidance throughout.


    Extra Space

    Outstanding consultancy, offering freshers an enriching environment to cultivate their expertise. Consultants embody a culture of approachability and supportiveness, enabling newcomers to flourish and excel in their roles.


    Monarch Inc

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    Location :

    Eyeglobal Solutions Private Limited
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