Outsourcing Services


    Support back office data processing services for the publishing and printing companies. The job includes data entry, data typesetting, data formatting, data uploading and data conversion services through highly secure network and technical infrastructure.


        Manage patient database management system, which would include name, contact details, and practitioner details and patient history. This can also act as patient information system where in, all would be informed about the next due appointment schedule in advance either through email or outbound call centre.


            We undertake vendor data management services, product and catalogue design and maintenance, sales data management, customer loyalty program management and tracking, backend commercial data processing

              Financial Services: 

                Services offered are Data creation for new customers, audit and validation of data for all applications. Email campaigning on various offerings designed for the customers. Customer information management and other related activities.


                    New order bookings forms processing for the customer, capturing of name and individual details, service requirements, contact details and options chosen. Data verification and rectification of billing related errors are undertaken. Provide services for email-based campaigning, customer care services for new offers, connection status and collections reminder.


                        Provide services for claims processing activity like data entry for claims, check and validate the application in progress, check policy history and upload the status information.

                          Managed Service – the concept:

                            Information Technology is a core business enabler but not the core business itself

                            Managed service is a service managed and delivered by a provider under a contracted service level agreement. A Managed service provider takes complete management responsibility to deliver a service that was traditionally delivered by the internal staff. However, managed services may have to be customized based on the unique needs of the organization and the service provider’s portfolio of services. Over the last decade, we have moved up the business value chain, having acquired functional knowledge of businesses.

                            Managed services have proven to be significant transforming agents for businesses in today’s highly complex and fast moving technology space; where meeting and exceeding a price sensitive customer demand is of paramount importance.
                            Information technology has since long become critical for business competitiveness. However information technology is not the business itself. Like Jack Welch once stated, “Your back office is someone else’s front office”. It is a proven fact that third party managed service providers for IT operations, whose business strategy and models are aligned to meet a customer’s IT operation’s needs, are significantly better positioned to build efficiencies within the system. Eyeglobal has been successful in handling a large number of managed services for their clients in various functional areas.

                              Reduced Total Cost of Operations:

                                Managed services have successfully demonstrated measurable cost savings of up to 30% over the years due to increased efficiency, lower cost of human capital, higher skills, improved knowledge management, and overall reduction in operating cost. Fixed monthly operating costs aligned with business streams allow better visibility and predictability of financial out flow. Managed service providers employ economy of scale to provide operating expenses reduction and access to better practices and processes.
                                Out-tasking or specific-subject-area managed service yields lower savings compared to complete outsourcing. While both out-tasking and complete-outsourcing are flavors of a managed service, the latter is disruptive in nature while former allows transformations through manageable strategic initiative.



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