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Eyeglobal will pair you with a compensation study consultant who will work to understand your strategy and culture to ensure your compensation strategy is right for your business and employees and fits into your overall organizational strategy. Our support on comp study projects ranges from conducting a full compensation study to supporting organizations at each step of the compensation process. We partner with internal human resources and key stakeholders throughout the project and can help assess, design and implement your entire compensation strategy and provide outsourced hr support in the following areas:

    Compensation Strategy & Plan Design : 

      Employers that want to succeed in the increasingly competitive job market must have a well-designed compensation strategy to attract, retain and motivate employees. As a compensation consulting company, we provide the services and expertise to develop the best compensation strategies for your unique organization.

      We’ll work with you to help create an overall compensation strategy and support you in any areas that need improvement. Not only will we help you create the strategy to motivate employees, control compensation costs and ensure equity, but we implement the strategy as well.


          Eyeglobal will perform research to define, value and analyze market data to establish a benchmark of your organization against others in the market. Internal job descriptions will be matched to external jobs with similar responsibilities to identify market rate for each position.

            Vesting Schedules: 

              We’ll work with you to ensure your vesting schedules are fair and appropriate for your organization and employees. Whether you’re offering a 401(k) match or stock options, the right vesting schedules can help you retain talent. Vesting schedules can encourage high-performance employees to stay longer to reap the full benefits of employer contributions. We’ll help you navigate the various types of vesting schedules to determine what makes the most sense for your needs.

                Salary Survey:

                  We’ll collect compensation data from multiple sources to determine the average compensation paid to employees in a specific position. As a leading compensation study firm, we deliver top-quality, independent salary surveys to help you stay on target and attract the best talent in your industry. The data from a salary survey shows you whether your salaries are on par with your competition. By regularly using a salary survey, you can ensure your compensation plan and retention strategy are effective.

                    Equity Reviews:

                      Eyeglobal will look at each employee in your organization’s salary and provide recommendations based on the salary of employees performing like work, following an examination of both internal and external comparable factors. An equity review ensures you’re offering fair wages to employees who do the same job. Ideally, employees with similar job duties, experience and tenure should be paid comparably. With an equity review, you can evaluate every employees’ salary, identify any anomalies and make necessary adjustments through a meticulous process.

                        Executive Compensation: 

                          It is essential for organizations to find the right balance between pay and performance for senior executives. With continuously changing market practices, it is imperative that “best practices” are being used when compensating executives. We’ll help ensure that you are in line with competitor offerings, help mitigate risks and create a compensation plan that is right for your executives. Our executive compensation consulting services help you identify the best strategies to attract, retain and motivate your senior executive team. We provide comprehensive data to help you navigate executive compensation and ensure your business’s health.

                            Employee Experience Survey: 

                              The use of data can be so meaningful to inform leaders of the current state. Just as organizations have become much more intentional with studying the customer experience by listening to customers, now many organizations are doing the same tied to their employee experience.


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